Personal Injury

Were you hurt in an accident?

Garrett Law Firm specializes in personal injury and truck accident cases. Other attorneys have rated our firm pre-eminent. That is the highest possible rating given in the legal community. Garrett Law Firm is here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Not all attorneys practice this specific area of law. The quality of your legal representation may determine your ability for treatment. Because of our experience, we know how important treatment and family compensation is. Furthermore, injuries can impact every part of your life.

In researching the facts behind a claim, Garrett Law Firm leaves no stone unturned. We perform thorough investigations into accidents. Then we seek compensation from insurance companies and negligent parties. Mr. Garrett is ready to go to trial, if needed, in your interest. There is no charge for a your initial consultation, either!

Be sure to contact us early in your case. Timing can be crucial for a good outcome. As soon as we accept the case, we begin working. We ensure we preserve evidence, get witness statements, evaluate our client’s losses, etc.

Wrongful Death Cases

The loss of any human life in a fatal accident is tragic. It is more distressing when family realizes the death occurred because of another’s negligence. Michael T. Garrett provides wrongful death accident survivors with compassion and advocacy. He pursues legal claims or insurance negotiations to ensure compensation. Following fatal automobile or truck accidents, you deserve something for your pain.

If you have lost a family member, we extend our sincere sympathy. As attorneys, we can’t turn back the clock, but we can hold the negligent party accountable. Making someone accept responsibility for your loss is our main priority. You deserve compensation to rebuild your life after a tragic loss. Before signing any settlement agreements, we recommend you discussing with an experienced attorney. Many factors need consideration when determining your loss . In fact, you may be eligible for more than one claim. Garrett Law Firm has decades of experience handling wrongful death claims.

Spinal Cord Injury

If you or a loved one has experienced a spinal cord injury, we are so very sorry. An attorney’s role in a catastrophic accident is to describe that loss. This includes paraplegia, quadriplegia or other paralysis – in financial terms. Financial compensation can’t change the outcome, but it can help with moving on. Medical bills and home adjustments are costly. Financial compensation can determine your ability to receive care. It can also help you live with dignity.

At Garrett Law Firm, our attorney has access to expert resources. He will fight for full and fair compensation for victims of spinal cord injuries. We understand that these are difficult cases. Our firm supports our clients by hiring top medical and life-care experts. It is impossible to evaluate the potential for recovery. Therefore, it is important to get legal advice before discussing a claim with insurance. We recommend you don’t sign any settlement without speaking to us.

Premises Liability

A slip and fall accident can be serious and cause damage to the back, neck, spinal cord or hip. Slip and fall accidents fall under premises liability. They can need extensive medical attention and lead to financial difficulties. If your fall was due to unsafe conditions, you may have a claim against the owner or manager of the property. Premises liability law covers apartment complexes, shopping malls, private property and construction sites.

In addition to care accidents, these cases where you may have premises for a liability claim include:

• Slippery grocery aisles
• Sliding Doors
• Falling debris or poorly maintained stairs
• Inadequate lighting in hallways & staircases
• Broken sidewalks or uneven parking lots and walkways

Traumatic Brain Injury

When massive head trauma occurs, it dramatically changes your loved one’s life. It can cause comas, permanent amnesia or physical dependency. Often times the victim becomes dependent on family for simple daily care. Garrett Law Firm may be able to help you or your loved one to receive compensation.

Our law firm works with economic and health care experts to determine the loss suffered. A small concussion or closed head injury may not appear to be serious. They may cause permanent damage, though. Weeks or months later you may find the full extent of the brain damage. Damage can manifest itself in memory loss or personality change. Lastly, they can cause concentration issues. Our attorney has deep experience in this field of practice. We work with experts to identify Traumatic Brain Injury and testify to its effect on a client’s life.

Contact us today for help with our traumatic brain injury.


Burns are some of the most visible, long-lasting injuries after a tragic accident. In addition, scarring that follows a burn injury can cause disfigurement. Moreso, it reminds the victim of the pain and trauma they endured.

At Garrett Law Firm, our personal injury attorney commits to helping our clients. We work to recover the greatest compensation available for devastating injuries. Our attorney demands compensation for our client’s pain and suffering. This includes for psychological treatment for PTSD and depression. Our record of verdicts and settlements attests the the legal service we provide.

The future may seem uncertain, but Garrett Law Firm is here to help you receive compensation. It can feel overwhelming with medical treatments, household bills and uncertainty. It is extremely important to get legal advice at the first opportunity. We are here to help.

It costs you nothing to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.